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By your side relentlessly to deliver you and your business with legal services. We are committed to provide passion and enthusiasm in meeting your legal needs.

As entrepreneurial lawyers, we are aligned with you for excellence, building efficient solutions with comprehensive legal advice.

Art law

Art Law is a specialized and fascinating intersection between the world of visual arts and legal disciplines. This complex field requires a deep understanding of various legal matters, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, contract law and tax law. As the art industry increasingly goes digital and international, the legal questions and challenges are evolving and becoming more multifaceted than ever.

Corporate, business law and M&A

Corporate law, contractual law, and mergers & acquisitions law are the essential pillars of the business world. These legal fields are at the heart of growth, transformation, and sustainability of companies. They encompass contract documentation, creation, management, restructuring, and transmission of companies, as well as the resulting transactions.

Family Law

Family law is a legal field that touches the heart of society, encompassing family relationships, parental responsibilities, marriage, divorce, and other private sphere issues. In such personal and often emotional moments, having competent and empathetic legal counsel is essential.

Regulatory, compliance and finance

Finance is subject to dense and constantly evolving regulatory standards, requiring specialized expertise to navigate compliance, risk, and regulatory challenges.

Insolvency and debt enforcement law

Insolvency and debt enforcement law are crucial legal areas dealing with difficult financial situations, whether it is struggling businesses or individuals facing debts or, conversely, the need to recover claims from third parties.

Civil, administrative, and criminal litigation

Litigation, whether civil, administrative, or criminal, represents one of the most sensitive and technical aspects of the law. These disputes can have profound consequences, both personally and professionally.

In these situations, it is essential to have a competent, proactive legal team determined to defend your rights. 

Social security law

Social security insurance law is an essential pillar of the social protection system, ensuring support and security for individuals facing various risks such as illness, disability, unemployment, or old age. 

In such a complex field with significant repercussions on people’s life, it is crucial to have solid legal expertise in the matter. 

Real estate & construction

The real estate and construction sector is a major pillar of the economy. Navigating this field requires sharp legal expertise, given the complexity of transactions, regulations, and financial stakes. 

PBM Attorneys-at-law, with its extensive experience and deep knowledge of the Swiss real estate market, is your ally for all your projects and challenges in this sector. 

Road traffic law

Road traffic law is a legal field of everyday life that relates to the safety, freedom, and responsibilities of road users. Whether it involves simple infractions or serious accidents, the legal implications can be vast and complex. 

In such a context, it is essential to be supported by a competent and responsive legal team. 

Sports Law

Sports law is a unique field that combines passion, performance, and complex legal aspects. This area requires specialized expertise that takes into account the specificities of the sports industry. 


Swiss and international taxation is a central field, affecting both businesses and individuals. In an ever-evolving tax environment, marked by complex and shifting regulations, having solid legal expertise is essential for optimizing one's tax position and complying with legal obligations. 

PBM Attorneys-at-law, with its deep knowledge of the Swiss tax system and international challenges, is your preferred partner for navigating the complex world of taxation. 

Civil liability

The law of civil liability is a crucial legal field that deals with obligations and rights stemming from damages caused to others, whether intentional or not. In an increasingly interconnected and complex world, there are numerous situations that can lead to civil liability. 

White collar crime

White collar crime encompasses a range of offenses related to financial and commercial activities, ranging from fraud to corruption, and including money laundering. These offenses, often complex and transnational, require sharp legal expertise to decipher, prevent, and, when necessary, defend or prosecute. 



We have implemented a unique solution that combines legal insight and IT engineering in order to provide our clients a one-stop shop solution to audit, enforce, comply and track their online reputation.

We are committed to tackle all forms of internet publications, ranging from adverse media to malicious blogs and social media publications.

Legal outsourcing

At PBM, we deliver a comprehensive service, on time and within your budget. Whether it is for total, partial or occasional outsourcing, we stand by your side relentlessly to deliver you and your business with the more suitable and custom-made legal services.

More than lawyers, we integrate with your processes to deliver a true end-to-end service. We help you manage your project, built efficient solutions and anticipate legal issues.